LEARN how to upgrade your pet’s diet safely and simply, one phase at a time.

Become the Most Valuable Pet Parent your fur baby deserves.



In this unconventional, humorous, thought-provoking book, Dr. Meghan Barrett presents The Basic To Bougie Pet Nutrition Blueprint, a guide to help you upgrade your pet’s diet safely and simply, one phase at a time. 

If you’re among those looking to reexamine your pet’s diet for the benefit of their health and happiness, you’re not alone. You’re a part of a growing movement of pet owners who want their fur babies to have the highest possible quality of life… but sometimes, it’s tough to know where to start!

Be the MVPP:
 Most Valuable Pet Parent!

upgrade your pet’s diet safely and simply

Help Your Pets Thrive Through Nutrition


In this book you’ll discover...

The importance of feeding your pets fresh, whole, real foods instead of industrial manufactured foods.

How to shift your mindset regarding your pet’s dietary routine.

How to upgrade your pet’s diet one phase at a time.

How to replace ultra-processed kibble with healthier options.

How to use the tools in the book to optimize your pet’s meals with guidance from an experienced integrative veterinarian, Dr. Meghan Barrett.

How to home cook for your pets and why it is so important to add supplements to complete their home made diets.

Fourteen original and easy recipes for dogs and cats to get you started.

This book comes with a massive digital bonus bundle, which includes… 

  • Nutrition calculators to make home cooking easy 
  • Up-to-date lists of recommended food brands 
  • Scientific article references 
  • Recommended reading 
  • Digital pet nutrition trackers (Notion and Google Sheets) 
  • A complete list of my favorite online pet nutrition resources 
  • Updated Cookbook 2024 Edition

Who wants their beloved pet to be Basic? Doesn’t your fur baby deserve to be Bougie? Of course they do! This book will guide you to become what your pet needs you to be: The MVPP (Most Valuable Pet Parent)!


And Become The Most Valuable Pet Parent Your Fur Baby Deserves.